About Us

Everbridge shipping is an international freight forwarding and logistics company with a team of experts backed by 2 decades of excellence in managing and delivering logistics solution. Headquartered in Dubai, we offer broad range of freight solutions to and from the world’s major markets.

Our agency network covers all international ports/airports, having extensive service contracts with major carriers, enables us to offer our clients competitive rates based on quality and reliable service all year round.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be recognized globally as an ace provider of logistic and warehousing solutions.

Our mission is to create competitive edge and superior financial results to our customers by optimizing their supply chain through innovation and total commitment .

Core values

Two decades in the shipping industry has only made us grow stronger and passionate toward our uncompromising operations to serve our customers. Our core values are never shaken, regardless of whether we're at sea or flying at high altitudes to deliver our promise. Our culture of doing business are molded by these principles that we practice on a daily basis to ensure the best quality, Inside and outside the organization.


We as an organization have always functioned in a fashion that epitomizes rectitude to be included in every business and human relation, be it with our employees, suppliers or customers. We execute our operations with honesty and dedication, and never compromise on respect for confidentiality. We value loyalty and openness as essential attributes in our corporate culture. Bottom Line - We have always been and will always be true in what we do.

Do it right the first time

Our relationship with Quality is irrefutable as we strive to attract the right people and create the perfect environment for continual development. We love to make our employees, suppliers, and (especially) customers happy, and content by providing superior service and support. We have an eye for detail that helps us do it all at once, and do it right.


Collaboration allows us to capture each other’s fund of collective intelligence. Our Success is the result of a healthy association between employees, clients, and suppliers who work hard toward a common vision, and direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives – only to facilitate innovation, resource sharing, and access to economies of scale.


Embracing a new era and standing upright has only been possible with our spirit of facing challenges and taking up calculated risks as and when needed, and in turn giving rise to innovation and creativity with perfection. Our entrepreneurial spirit is what enables us to take risks without jeopardizing our status and reach beyond boundaries that limit our growth.


We believe in simplicity and clarity in order to do More with Less. More efficiency with the resources at hand helps us measure value in terms of passion and productivity without undermining the quality of our service.


We believe Courage and Creativity go hand-in-hand in building innovation. We never shy away from adapting to the constantly changing trends in technology, the flow of goods, and environmental concerns that demand ceaseless creativity. Our ability to innovate comes from a deep seeded thirst to constantly improve and raise our standards.

We say what we mean and mean what we say. We take responsibility for the good and the bad, and always speak our mind. Our decisions are inherently backed up with the right reason and logic that follows a progress-focused approach. So when we make a commitment, it is purely honoured.


We believe that to meet the needs of a diverse customer base, we must reflect that diversity within our organization. This diversity is manifested in our hiring, training, and promotion practices. We are aware that diversity fosters a more creative and innovative workplace for the competitive economy in a globalized world.


We consider respect to be an indispensable part of our business. Being considerate, we recognise our limitations and listen to the views of others. Dignity for one another, open minded thinking, equality in treatment and positive/constructive feedback to uplift our peoples' self-esteem - these aspects help in mutual understanding wherever we venture.